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From "Rajani, Arpan" <>
Subject Controlling access to hive/db-tables while using SparkSQL
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2016 14:22:27 GMT
Hi All,
In our YARN cluster, we have setup spark 1.6.1 , we plan to give access to all the end users/developers/BI
users, etc. But we learnt any valid user after getting their own user kerb TGT, can get hold
of sqlContext (in program or in shell) and can run any query against any secure databases.
This puts us in a critical condition as we do not want to give blanket permission to everyone.

We are looking forward to:

1)      A solution or a work around, by which we can give secure access only to the selected
users to sensitive tables/database.

2)      Failing to do so, we would like to remove/disable the SparkSQL context/feature for

Any pointers in this direction will be very valuable.
Thank you,
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