You could use the string indexer to convert your string userids and product ids numeric value.

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Hash it to int

On 2016-08-24 16:28 , Devi P.V Wrote:

Hi all,
I am newbie in collaborative filtering.I want to implement collaborative filtering algorithm(need to find top 10 recommended products) using Spark and Scala.I have a rating dataset where userID & ProductID are String type.

UserID                   ProductID             Rating
b3a68043-c1      p1-160ff5fDS-f74           1
b3a68043-c2      p5-160ff5fDS-f74           1
b3a68043-c0      p9-160ff5fDS-f74           1

I tried ALS algorithm using spark MLlib.But it support rating userID & productID only Integer type.How can I solve this problem?

Thanks In Advance