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From Kevin McGhee <>
Subject Killing a running application
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2016 11:58:50 GMT

I’m using Spark Standalone and submitting the application with spark-submit. I can see my
app listed under ‘Running Applications’ on the master UI with the ID app-20161003124716-0011.

When I try to kill the app via spark-submit I get the following response with success:false
and the app is still running.

-bash-4.1$ ./bin/spark-submit --master spark:// --kill app-20161003124716-0011
16/10/03 12:55:20 INFO RestSubmissionClient: Submitting a request to kill submission app-20161003124716-0011
in spark://
16/10/03 12:55:21 INFO RestSubmissionClient: Server responded with KillSubmissionResponse:
  "action" : "KillSubmissionResponse",
  "message" : "Driver app-20161003124716-0011 has already finished or does not exist",
  "serverSparkVersion" : "2.0.0",
  "submissionId" : "app-20161003124716-0011",
  "success" : false

Why is this not working? Should it be? What is the correct way to kill a running application?


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