My Pyspark program is currently identifies the list of the files from a directory (Using Python Popen command taking hadoop fs -ls arguments).  For each file, a Dataframe is created and processed. This is sequeatial. How to process all files paralelly?  Please note that every file in the directory has different schema.  So, depending on the file name, different logic is used for each file. So, I cannot really create one Dataframe for all these files and iterate each row.  Using wholeTextFiles seems to be good approach for me.  But, I am not sure how to create DataFrame from this.  For example, Is there a way to do this way do something like below.

def createDFProcess(myrdd):
    df =
whfiles = sc.wholeTextFiles('/input/dir1').toDF(['fname', 'fcontent']) file: file.fcontent).foreach(createDFProcess)

Above code does not work.  I get an error 'TypeError: 'JavaPackage' object is not callable'.  How to make it work?

Or is there a better approach?