Hi Ian,

Has this been resolved?

How about data to Flume and then Kafka and Kafka streaming into Spark?


Dr Mich Talebzadeh


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On 13 July 2016 at 11:13, Ian Brooks <i.brooks@sensewhere.com> wrote:



I'm currently trying to implement a prototype Spark application that gets data from Flume and processes it. I'm using the pull based method mentioned in https://spark.apache.org/docs/1.6.1/streaming-flume-integration.html


The is initially working fine for getting data from Flume, however the Spark client doesn't appear to be letting Flume know that the data has been received, so Flume doesn't remove it from the batch.


After 100 requests Flume stops allowing any new data and logs


08 Jul 2016 14:59:00,265 WARN  [Spark Sink Processor Thread - 5] (org.apache.spark.streaming.flume.sink.Logging$class.logWarning:80)  - Error while processing transaction.
org.apache.flume.ChannelException: Take list for MemoryTransaction, capacity 100 full, consider committing more frequently, increasing capacity, or increasing thread count
       at org.apache.flume.channel.MemoryChannel$MemoryTransaction.doTake(MemoryChannel.java:96)


My code to pull the data from Flume is


SparkConf sparkConf = new SparkConf(true).setAppName("SLAMSpark");

Duration batchInterval = new Duration(10000);

final String checkpointDir = "/tmp/";


final JavaStreamingContext ssc = new JavaStreamingContext(sparkConf, batchInterval);


JavaReceiverInputDStream<SparkFlumeEvent> flumeStream = FlumeUtils.createPollingStream(ssc, host, port);


// Transform each flume avro event to a process-able format

JavaDStream<String> transformedEvents = flumeStream.map(new Function<SparkFlumeEvent, String>() {



public String call(SparkFlumeEvent flumeEvent) throws Exception {

String flumeEventStr = flumeEvent.event().toString();

avroData avroData = new avroData();

Gson gson = new GsonBuilder().create();

avroData = gson.fromJson(flumeEventStr, avroData.class);

HashMap<String,String> body = avroData.getBody();

String data = body.get("bytes");

return data;











Is there something specific I should be doing to let the Flume server know the batch has been received and processed?


Ian Brooks