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From Palash Gupta <>
Subject Re: spark 2.02 error when writing to s3
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2017 06:13:48 GMT
You need to add mode overwrite option to avoid this error.

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  On Fri, 20 Jan, 2017 at 2:15 am, VND Tremblay, Paul<> wrote:
I have come across a problem when writing CSV files to S3 in Spark 2.02. The problem does
not exist in Spark 1.6.
 19:09:20 Caused by: File already exists:s3://stx-apollo-pr-datascience-internal/revenue_model/part-r-00025-c48a0d52-9600-4495-913c-64ae6bf888bd.csv

My code is this:
135         .map(add_date_diff)\
136         .map(sid_offer_days)\
137         .groupByKey()\
138         .map(custom_sort)\
139         .map(before_rev_date)\
140         .map(lambda x, num_weeks = args.num_weeks: create_columns(x, num_weeks))\
141         .toDF()\
142         .write.csv(
143                 sep = "|",
144                 header = True,
145                 nullValue = '',
146                 quote = None,
147                 path = path
148                 )
In order to get the path (the last argument), I call this function:
150 def _get_s3_write(test):
151     if s3_utility.s3_data_already_exists(_get_write_bucket_name(), _get_s3_write_dir(test)):
152         s3_utility.remove_s3_dir(_get_write_bucket_name(), _get_s3_write_dir(test))
153     return make_s3_path(_get_write_bucket_name(), _get_s3_write_dir(test))
In other words, I am removing the directory if it exists before I write.
* If I use a small set of data, then I don't get the error
* If I use Spark 1.6, I don't get the error
* If I read in a simple dataframe and then write to S3, I still get the error (without doing
any transformations)
* If I do the previous step with a smaller set of data, I don't get the error.
* I am using pyspark, with python 2.7
* The thread at this link:  Indicates
the problem is caused by a problem sync problem. With large datasets, spark tries to write
multiple times and causes the error. The suggestion is to turn off speculation, but I believe
speculation is turned off by default in pyspark.

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