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From Mohammad Tariq <>
Subject Intermittent issue while running Spark job through SparkLauncher
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2017 00:00:10 GMT
Dear fellow Spark users,

I have a multithreaded Java program which launches multiple Spark jobs in
parallel through *SparkLauncher* API. It also monitors these Spark jobs and
keeps on updating information like job start/end time, current state,
tracking url etc in an audit table. To get these information I am making
use of *YarnClient.getApplicationReport(ApplicationId)* API. The
ApplicationId used here is retrieved through
*SparkAppHandle.getAppId()* However,
I have noticed that sometimes my program fails saying :

Application with id 'application_1490281320520_107048' doesn't exist in RM.*

This is an intermittent problem and most of the times it runs successfully.
But when it fails, it fails twice/thrice successively. After re-running the
program repeatedly it returns to normal.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank
you so much for your valuable time!

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Tariq, Mohammad
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Tariq, Mohammad
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