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From "Wen Pei Yu" <>
Subject Aggregated column name
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2017 07:41:33 GMT
<div class="socmaildefaultfont" dir="ltr" style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:10.5pt"
><div dir="ltr" >Hi All</div>
<div dir="ltr" >&nbsp;</div>
<div dir="ltr" >I found some spark version(spark 1.4) return upper case aggregated column,&nbsp;
and some return low case.</div>
<div dir="ltr" >As below code,</div>
<div dir="ltr" >df.groupby(col("...")).agg(count("number"))&nbsp;</div>
<div dir="ltr" >may return</div>
<div dir="ltr" >&nbsp;</div>
<div dir="ltr" >COUNT(number)&nbsp; ------ spark 1,4</div>
<div dir="ltr" >count(number) ----- spark 1.6</div>
<div dir="ltr" >&nbsp;</div>
<div dir="ltr" >Anyone know if there is configure parameter for this, or which PR change
<div dir="ltr" >&nbsp;</div>
<div dir="ltr" >Thank you very much.</div>
<div dir="ltr" >Yu Wenpei.</div></div><BR>

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