Hi all,

As I’ve implemented a streaming application pulling data from Kafka every 1 second (batch interval), I am observing some quite strange behaviour (didn’t use Spark extensively in the past, but continuous operator based engines instead of). 

Namely the dstream.window(Seconds(60)) windowed stream when written back to Kafka contains more messages then they were consumed (for debugging purposes using a small dataset of a million Kafka byte array deserialized messages). In particular, in total I’ve streamed exactly 1 million messages, whereas upon window expiry 60 million messages are written back to Kafka. 

I’ve read on the official docs that both the window and window slide duration must be multiples of the batch interval. Does this mean that when consuming messages between two windows every batch interval the RDDs of a given batch interval t the same batch is being ingested 59 more times into the windowed stream? 

If I would like to achieve this behaviour (batch every being equal to a second, window duration 60 seconds) - how might one achieve this? 

I would appreciate if anyone could correct me if I got the internals of Spark’s windowed operations wrong and elaborate a bit.