That's why your "source" should be defined as an Array[Struct] type (which makes sense in this case, it has an undetermined length  , so you can explode it and get the description easily. 

Now you need write your own UDF, maybe can do what you want.


From: Selvam Raman <>
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2017 5:03 PM
To: user
Subject: how to read object field within json file

"id": "test1",
"source": {
    "F1": {
      "id": "4970",
      "eId": "F1",
      "description": "test1",
    "F2": {
      "id": "5070",
      "eId": "F2",
      "description": "test2",
    "F3": {
      "id": "5170",
      "eId": "F3",
      "description": "test3",

I am having bzip json files like above format.
some json row contains two objects within source(like F1 and F2), sometime five(F1,F2,F3,F4,F5),etc. So the final schema will contains combination of all objects for the source field.

Now, every row will contain n number of objects but only some contains valid records. 
how can i retreive the value of "description" in "source" field.

source.F1.description - returns the result but how can i get all description result for every row..(something like this "source.*.description").

Selvam Raman
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