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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: SPARK Issue in Standalone cluster
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2017 10:50:55 GMT

> On 3 Aug 2017, at 19:59, Marco Mistroni <> wrote:
> Hello
>  my 2 cents here, hope it helps
> If you want to just to play around with Spark, i'd leave Hadoop out, it's an unnecessary
dependency that you dont need for just running a python script
> Instead do the following:
> - got to the root of our master / slave node. create a directory /root/pyscripts 
> - place your csv file there as well as the python script
> - run the script to replicate the whole directory  across the cluster (i believe it's
> - then run your spark-submit , it will be something lke
>     ./spark-submit /root/pyscripts/  file:///root/pyscripts/tree_addhealth.csv
10 --master spark://
> - in your python script, as part of your processing, write the parquet file in directory

That's going to hit the commit problem discussed: only the spark driver executes the final
commit process; the output from the other servers doesn't get picked up and promoted. You
need a shared stpre (NFS is the easy one)

> If you have an AWS account and you are versatile with that - you need to setup bucket
permissions etc - , you can just
> - store your file in one of your S3 bucket
> - create an EMR cluster
> - connect to master or slave
> - run your  scritp that reads from the s3 bucket and write to the same s3 bucket

Aah, and now we are into the problem of implementing a safe commit protocol for an inconsistent

My current stance there is out-the-box S3 isn't safe to use as the direct output of work,
Azure is. It mostly works for a small experiment, but I wouldn't use it in production.

Simplest: work on one machine, if you go to 2-3 for exploratory work: NFS

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