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From purna pradeep <>
Subject use WithColumn with external function in a java jar
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2017 01:23:46 GMT
I have data in a DataFrame with below columns

1)Fileformat is csv
2)All below column datatypes are String


Now I need to create a new DataFrame which has new column called `expense`,
which is calculated based on columns `pexpense`, `cexpense`.

The tricky part is the calculation algorithm is not an **UDF** function
which I created, but it's an external function that needs to be imported
from a Java library which takes primitive types as arguments - in this case
`pexpense`, `cexpense` - to calculate the value required for new column.

The external function signature

    public class MyJava


        public Double calculateExpense(Double pexpense, Double cexpense) {
           // calculation


So how can I invoke that external function to create a new calculated
column. Can I register that external function as UDF in my Spark

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