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This link does have the core syntax such as the BNF for the DDL and DML and SELECT.  It does not have a reference for  date / string / numeric functions: is there any such reference at this point?  It is not sufficient to peruse the DSL list of functions since the usage is different (and sometimes the names as well)  than from the DSL.


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I refer to


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> On Aug 10, 2017, at 1:46 PM, Stephen Boesch <> wrote:
> While the DataFrame/DataSets are useful in many circumstances they are cumbersome for many types of complex sql queries.
> Is there an up to date *SQL* reference - i.e. not DataFrame DSL operations - for version 2.2?
> An example of what is not clear:  what constructs are supported within
>     select count( predicate) from some_table
> when using spark sql.
> But in general the reference guide and programming guide for SQL seems to be difficult to locate - seemingly in favor of the DataFrame/DataSets.