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From prtimsina <>
Subject Apache Spark: Parallelization of Multiple Machine Learning ALgorithm
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2017 21:48:58 GMT
Is there a way to parallelize multiple ML algorithms in Spark. My use case is
something like this:
A) Run multiple machine learning algorithm (Naive Bayes, ANN, Random Forest,
etc.) in parallel.
 1) Validate each algorithm using 10-fold cross-validation 
B) Feed the output of step A) in second layer machine learning algorithm.
My question is:
Can we run multiple machine learning algorithm in step A in parallel?
Can we do cross-validation in parallel? Like, run 10 iterations of Naive
Bayes training in parallel?

I was not able to find any way to run the different algorithm in parallel.
And it seems cross-validation also can not be done in parallel. 
I appreciate any suggestion to parallelize this use case.

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