As alternative: checkpoint the dataframe, collect days, and then delete corresponding directories using hadoop FileUtils, then write the dataframe

On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 10:31 AM, peay <> wrote:

I am trying to use data_frame.write.partitionBy("day").save("dataset.parquet") to write a dataset while splitting by day.

I would like to run a Spark job  to process, e.g., a month:

and then run another Spark job to add another month using the same folder structure, getting me

- with save mode "overwrite", when I process the second month, all of dataset.parquet/ gets removed and I lose whatever was already computed for the previous month.
- with save mode "append", then I can't get idempotence: if I run the job to process a given month twice, I'll get duplicate data in all the subfolders for that month.

Is there a way to do "append in terms of the subfolders from partitionBy, but overwrite within each such partitions? Any help would be appreciated.