Which spatial operations do you require exactly? Also, I don't follow what you mean by combining logical operators?

I have created a library that wraps Lucene's spatial functionality here: https://github.com/zouzias/spark-lucenerdd/wiki/Spatial-search

You could give a try to the library, it supports intersections / within /  etc. Ideally, I try to push all spatial Lucene features in the library.

See also, https://github.com/zouzias/spark-lucenerdd/wiki/Related-Work for related libraries.


On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 11:21 AM, Imran Rajjad <rajjad@gmail.com> wrote:
I need to have a location column inside my Dataframe so that I can do spatial queries and geometry operations. Are there any third-party packages that perform this kind of operations. I have seen a few like Geospark and megalan but they don't support operations where spatial and logical operators can be combined.



-- Anastasios Zouzias