Spark/Hive converting decimal to null value if we specify the precision more than available precision in file.  Below example give you details. I am not sure why its converting into Null.
Note: You need to trim string before casting to decimal

Table data with col1 and col2 columns

 val r = sqlContext.sql("select col2  from nd2629.test")
|         col2|
|         1.00|
|          2.0|
|      123.798|
| 123456.67777|

val r = sqlContext.sql("select CAST(TRIM(col2) as decimal(10,4)) from nd2629.test")

|        _c0|
|     1.0000|
|     2.0000|
|   123.7980|

 val r = sqlContext.sql("select CAST(TRIM(col2) as decimal(10,5)) from nd2629.test")
|      _c0|
|  1.00000|
|  2.00000|
|     null|

you need to specify the precision value as max precision value for column -1

in above case max precision is 5 (123456.67777) so we should specify decimal(10,5)

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On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 8:48 PM, Arnav kumar <> wrote:
Hi Experts

I am trying to convert a string with decimal value to decimal in Spark Sql and load it into Hive/Sql Server.

In Hive instead of getting converted to decimal all my values are coming as null.

In Sql Server instead of getting decimal values are coming without precision

Can you please let me know if this is any kind of limitation

Here is my code

//select the required columns from actual data frame
val query ="""select eventId,
cast(eventData.latitude as Decimal(10,10)) as Latitude,
cast(eventData.longitude as Decimal(10,10)) as Longitude from event"""

//creating event data frame
val eventTableDF = sparkSession.sql(query)
//printing the schema for debugging purpose

 |-- eventId: string (nullable = true)
 |-- Latitude: decimal(10,10) (nullable = true)
 |-- Longitude: decimal(10,10) (nullable = true)

 val eventTableDF = sparkSession.sql(query)
  import sparkSession.implicits._

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