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From M Singh <>
Subject Apache Spark Structured Streaming - Kafka Consumer cannot fetch records for offset exception
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2018 03:06:05 GMT
I am working with Spark (2.2.1) and Kafka (0.10) on AWS EMR and for the last few days, after
running the application for 30-60 minutes get exception from Kafka Consumer included below.

The structured streaming application is processing 1 minute worth of data from kafka topic.
So I've tried increasing from 40000 seconds default to 45000 seconds and
receive.buffer.bytes to 1mb but still get the same exception.
Is there any spark/kafka configuration that can save the offset and retry it next time rather
than throwing an exception and killing the application.
I've tried googling but have not found substantial solution/recommendation.  If anyone has
any suggestions or a different version etc, please let me know.
Here is the exception stack trace.

java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Cannot fetch record for offset <offset#> in 120000
 at org.apache.spark.sql.kafka010.CachedKafkaConsumer$$anonfun$get$1.apply(CachedKafkaConsumer.scala:117)
 at org.apache.spark.sql.kafka010.CachedKafkaConsumer$$anonfun$get$1.apply(CachedKafkaConsumer.scala:106)
 at org.apache.spark.util.UninterruptibleThread.runUninterruptibly(UninterruptibleThread.scala:85)
 at org.apache.spark.sql.kafka010.CachedKafkaConsumer.runUninterruptiblyIfPossible(CachedKafkaConsumer.scala:68)
 at org.apache.spark.sql.kafka010.CachedKafkaConsumer.get(CachedKafkaConsumer.scala:106)
 at org.apache.spark.sql.kafka010.KafkaSourceRDD$$anon$1.getNext(KafkaSourceRDD.scala:157)

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