I have the following methods in my scala code, currently executed on demand

val files = sc.binaryFiles ("file:///imocks/data/ocr/raw")
//Abive line takes all PDF files

myconverter  signature:

def myconverter (
                    file: (String, org.apache.spark.input.PortableDataStream)
                    ) : Unit  =
//Code to interact with IBM Datamap OCR which converts the PDF files into text 


I do want to change the above code to Spark streaming. Unfortunately there is  ( definitely the would be a great addition to Spark) No "binaryFiles" functions from StreamingContext. The closest I can think of is to write like this:

//Assuming myconverter is not changed

val dstream = ssc.fileStream[BytesWritable,BytesWritable, SequenceFileAsBinaryInputFormat]("file:///imocks/data/ocr/raw") ;

Unfortunately everything is in problem now. There are errors showing the method signature does not match etc etc. Can anyone please help how can I get out of the issue? Appreciate your help.

Also, won't it be a super excellent idea to have all methods of SparkContext to be reusable for StreamingContext as well ? In that way, it takes no extra effort to change a batch program to a streaming app.