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From 大啊 <>
Subject Re:Customizing Spark ThriftServer
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2019 10:52:24 GMT
Spark ThriftServer is a spark application that possess thrift server. your code is a custom
spark application.
If you need some custome function beyond Spark ThriftServer, you can make your spark application
contains HiveThriftServer2.

At 2019-01-23 17:53:01, "Soheil Pourbafrani" <> wrote:

Hi, I want to create a thrift server that has some hive table predefined and listen on a port
for the user query. Here is my code:
val spark = SparkSession.builder()
      .config("hive.server2.thrift.port", "10000")
      .config("spark.sql.hive.thriftServer.singleSession", "true")
      .config("", "Z, X")
      .config("spark.cassandra.auth.username", "A")
      .config("spark.cassandra.auth.password", "B")

val table = spark
      .options(Map( "table" -> "N", "keyspace" -> "M"))


The problem is when I submit the job to the cluster, it just runs and terminates while I expect
it listens on port 10000. I guess I missed something in the code.

The second question is the ThriftServer cannot be submitted in cluster mode so the client
node could be the single point of failure! Is there any solution for this?

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