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From Andriy Redko <>
Subject [HELP WANTED] Apache Zipkin (incubating) needs Spark gurus
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2019 00:16:07 GMT
Hello Dear Spark Community!

The hyper-popularity of the Apache Spark made it a de-facto choice for many
projects which need some sort of data processing capabilities. One of those is 
Zipkin, currenly incubating at Apache [1], the widespread distributed tracing framework.
The small amazing team behind the project maintains around ~40 different integrations 
and components, including the [2], a set of Spark jobs to reconstruct over time the 
service dependency graphs from the collected traces. The current maintainers are not
yet savvy on Spark and the team really struggles to address the ongoing ussues and
answer user questions. For example, users are reporting concerns about job distribution 
which the Zipkin team doesn't know how to answer. It is really difficult to keep this 
particular component up and running due to the lack of the Spark expertise. 

Thereby this message to the community, anyone could be / is interested in distributed 
tracing (fascinating development by itself!) to the point to step in, help with Spark
expertise and contribute? Please feel free to reach out, Gitter @ [3]


Best Regards,
    Apache Zipkin (incubating) Team

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