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From Juho Autio <>
Subject Re: [Spark SQL]: Slow insertInto overwrite if target table has many partitions
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2019 13:10:00 GMT
Ok, I've verified that hive> SHOW PARTITIONS is using get_partition_names,
which is always quite fast. Spark's insertInto uses
get_partitions_with_auth which
is much slower (it also gets location etc. of each partition).

I created a test in java that with a local metastore client to measure the

I used the Short.MAX_VALUE (32767) as max for both (so also get 32767
partitions in both responses). I didn't get next page of results, but this
gives the idea already:

listPartitionNames completed in: 1540 ms ~= 1,5 seconds
listPartitionsWithAuthInfo completed in: 303400 ms ~= 5 minutes

I wonder if this can be optimized on metastore side, but at least it
doesn't seem to be CPU-bound on the RDS db (we're using Hive metastore,
backed by AWS RDS).

So my original question remains; does spark need to know about all existing
partitions for dynamic overwrite? I don't see why it would.

On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 10:12 AM vincent gromakowski <> wrote:

> Which metastore are you using?
> Le jeu. 25 avr. 2019 à 09:02, Juho Autio <> a écrit :
>> Would anyone be able to answer this question about the non-optimal
>> implementation of insertInto?
>> On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 4:45 PM Juho Autio <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> My job is writing ~10 partitions with insertInto. With the same input /
>>> output data the total duration of the job is very different depending on
>>> how many partitions the target table has.
>>> Target table with 10 of partitions:
>>> 1 min 30 s
>>> Target table with ~10000 partitions:
>>> 13 min 0 s
>>> It seems that spark is always fetching the full list of partitions in
>>> target table. When this happens, the cluster is basically idling while
>>> driver is listing partitions.
>>> Here's a thread dump for executor driver from such idle time:
>>> Is there any way to optimize this currently? Is this a known issue? Any
>>> plans to improve?
>>> My code is essentially:
>>> spark = SparkSession.builder \
>>>     .config('spark.sql.hive.caseSensitiveInferenceMode', 'NEVER_INFER') \
>>>     .config("hive.exec.dynamic.partition", "true") \
>>>     .config('spark.sql.sources.partitionOverwriteMode', 'dynamic') \
>>>     .config("hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode", "nonstrict") \
>>>     .enableHiveSupport() \
>>>     .getOrCreate()
>>> out_df.write \
>>>     .option('mapreduce.fileoutputcommitter.algorithm.version', '2') \
>>>     .insertInto(target_table_name, overwrite=True)
>>> Table has been originally created from spark with saveAsTable.
>>> Does spark need to know anything about the existing partitions though?
>>> As a manual workaround I would write the files directly to the partition
>>> locations, delete existing files first if there's anything in that
>>> partition, and then call metastore to ALTER TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ADD
>>> PARTITION. This doesn't require previous knowledge on existing partitions.
>>> Thanks.

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