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From Dongjoon Hyun <>
Subject Exposing JIRA issue types at GitHub PRs
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2019 04:17:20 GMT
Hi, All.

Since we use both Apache JIRA and GitHub actively for Apache Spark
contributions, we have lots of JIRAs and PRs consequently. One specific
thing I've been longing to see is `Jira Issue Type` in GitHub.

How about exposing JIRA issue types at GitHub PRs as GitHub `Labels`? There
are two main benefits:
1. It helps the communication between the contributors and reviewers with
more information.
    (In some cases, some people only visit GitHub to see the PR and commits)
2. `Labels` is searchable. We don't need to visit Apache Jira to search PRs
to see a specific type.
    (For example, the reviewers can see and review 'BUG' PRs first by using
`is:open is:pr label:BUG`.)

Of course, this can be done automatically without human intervention. Since
we already have GitHub Jenkins job to access JIRA/GitHub, that job can add
the labels from the beginning. If needed, I can volunteer to update the

To show the demo, I labeled several PRs manually. You can see the result
right now in Apache Spark PR page.


If you're surprised due to those manual activities, I want to apologize for
that. I hope we can take advantage of the existing GitHub features to serve
Apache Spark community in a way better than yesterday.

How do you think about this specific suggestion?


PS. I saw that `Request Review` and `Assign` features are already used for
some purposes, but these feature are out of the scope in this email.

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