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From Daniel Mateus Pires <>
Subject Creating Spark buckets that Presto / Athena / Hive can leverage
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2019 12:29:35 GMT
Hi there!

I am trying to optimize joins on data created by Spark, so I'd like to
bucket the data to avoid shuffling.

I am writing to immutable partitions every day by writing data to a local
HDFS and then copying this data to S3, is there a combination of bucketBy
options and DDL that I can use so that Presto/Athena JOINs leverage the
special layout of the data?

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE ...(on Presto/Athena)
df.write.bucketBy(...).partitionBy(...). (in spark)
then copy this data to S3 with s3-dist-cp
then MSCK REPAIR TABLE (on Presto/Athena)


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