It's not obvious from what you pasted, but perhaps the juypter notebook already is connected to a running spark context, while spark-submit needs to get a new spot in the (YARN?) queue.

I would check the cluster job IDs for both to ensure you're getting new cluster tasks for each.

On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 2:33 PM Dhrubajyoti Hati <> wrote:

I am facing a weird behaviour while running a python script. Here is what the code looks like mostly:

def fn1(ip):
   some code...

def fn2(row):
    some operations
    return row1

udf_fn1 = udf(fn1)
cdf ="xxxx") //hive table is of size > 500 Gigs with ~4500 partitions
ddf = cdf.withColumn("coly", udf_fn1(cdf.colz)) \
    .drop("colz") \
    .withColumnRenamed("colz", "coly")

edf = ddf \
    .filter(ddf.colp == 'some_value') \ row: fn2(row)) \

print edf.count() // simple way for the performance test in both platforms

Now when I run the same code in a brand new jupyter notebook it runs 6x faster than when I run this python script using spark-submit. The configurations are printed and  compared from both the platforms and they are exact same. I even tried to run this script in a single cell of jupyter notebook and still have the same performance. I need to understand if I am missing something in the spark-submit which is causing the issue.  I tried to minimise the script to reproduce the same error without much code.

Both are run in client mode on a yarn based spark cluster. The machines from which both are executed are also the same and from same user.

What i found is the  the quantile values for median for one ran with jupyter was 1.3 mins and one ran with spark-submit was ~8.5 mins.  I am not able to figure out why this is happening.

Any one faced this kind of issue before or know how to resolve this?



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