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From "tianlangstudio" <>
Subject 回复:How to submit a jar from Remote Server
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2019 06:41:39 GMT
What about  SparkJobServer   and  Apache
livy ?

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发件人:Praveen Kumar Ramachandran <>
发送时间:2019年12月19日(星期四) 08:58
收件人:user <>
主 题:How to submit a jar from Remote Server

I'm running a spark Server at (standalone spark) and a Rest Service at (java).

I'm supposed to execute the spark-sumbit shell file under SPARK_HOME located at the Spark
Server from the Rest Service. Could you suggest any solution (now I am using Jenkins to execute
the shell file).

Could you guys tell me what would be better to achieve it without Jenkins.

Praveen Kumar

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