Spark does not support 7z natively, but you can read any file in Spark:
def read(stream: PortableDataStream): Iterator[String] = { Seq(stream.getPath()).iterator }

  .flatMap(file => read(file._2))
This scales with the number of files. A single large 7z file would not scale well (a single partition).

Any file that matches *.7z will be loaded via the read(stream: PortableDataStream) method, which returns an iterator over the rows. This method is executed on the executor and can implement the 7z specific code, which is independent of Spark and should not be too hard (here it does not open the input stream but returns the path only).

If you are planning to read the same files more than once, then it would be worth to first uncompress and convert them into files Spark supports. Then Spark can scale much better.


Am 13.01.20 um 13:31 schrieb HARSH TAKKAR:

Is it possible to read 7z compressed file in spark? 

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