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From mars76 <>
Subject XmlReader not Parsing the Nested elements in XML properly
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2020 16:28:05 GMT

  I am trying to read XML data from a Kafka topic and using XmlReader to
convert the RDD[String] into a DataFrame conforming to predefined Schema.

  One issue i am running into is after saving the final Data Frame to AVRO
format most of the elements data is showing up in avro files. How ever the
nested Element which is of Array Type is not getting parsed properly and
getting loaded as null into the DF and hence when i save it to avro or to
json that field is always null.

  Not sure why this element is not getting parsed.

  Here is the code i am using 

  kafkaValueAsStringDF = kafakDF.selectExpr("CAST(key AS STRING)
msgKey","CAST(value AS STRING) xmlString")

  var parameters = collection.mutable.Map.empty[String, String]

  parameters.put("rowTag", "Book")

kafkaValueAsStringDF.writeStream.foreachBatch {
          (batchDF: DataFrame, batchId: Long) =>

 val xmlStringDF:DataFrame = batchDF.selectExpr("xmlString")


            val rdd: RDD[String] =[String].rdd

            val relation = XmlRelation(
              () => rdd,

  ".convert() : XmlRelation Schema ={}



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