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Subject Re: Unsubscribe martha focker
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2020 02:55:02 GMT
When  these Matha Fockers don't even know how to unsubscribe.
What hope of them becoming data scientist ?
I mean first you have to train on some maths.Algebra  statistics 
calculus from people who have no idea of data science or machine
learning. Classifier algorithms ,  recommended systems.Parallelism.
Deal with  cross terminology like  labels features rows instances 
inputs outputs target classWhen they are just rows and columns in a
table .
Then python scala RThen figure out the machine learning
tensorflow  pytorch scikit-learn   blah blah.
You cant even unsubscribe  .I am going to ask for more salary when I
grow up and become data science. 
Hopefully before COVID-19  locked is overWith Trump in charge i am
confident I have enough training time.

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