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From Anwar AliKhan <>
Subject Re: Where are all the jars gone ?
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2020 15:38:42 GMT

It appears the directory containing the jars have been switched from
download version to source version.

In the download version it is just below parent directory called jars.
level 1.

In the git source version it is  4 levels down in the directory

The issue I have with using maven is that the linking libraries can be
changed at maven repository without my knowledge .
So if an application compiled and worked previously could just break.

It is not like when the developers make a change to the link libraries they
run it by me first ,😢  they just upload it to maven repository with out
asking me if their change
Is going to impact my app.

On Wed, 24 Jun 2020, 16:07 ArtemisDev, <> wrote:

> If you are using Maven to manage your jar dependencies, the jar files are
> located in the maven repository on your home directory.  It is usually in
> the .m2 directory.
> Hope this helps.
> -ND
> On 6/23/20 3:21 PM, Anwar AliKhan wrote:
> Hi,
> I prefer to do most of my projects in Python and for that I use Jupyter.
> I have been downloading the compiled version of spark.
> I do not normally like the source code version because the build process
> makes me nervous.
> You know with lines of stuff   scrolling up the screen.
> What am I am going to do if a build fails. I am a user!
> I decided to risk it and it was only one  mvn command to build. (45
> minutes later)
> Everything is great. Success.
> I removed all jvms except jdk8 for compilation.
> I used jdk8 so I know which libraries where linked in the build process.
> I also used my local version of maven. Not the apt install version .
> I used jdk8 because if you go this scala site.
> they say requirement  jdk8 for IDE
>  even for scala12.
> They don't say JDK 8 or higher ,  just jdk8.
> So anyway  once in a while I  do spark projects in scala with eclipse.
> For that I don't use maven or anything. I prefer to make use of build path
> And external jars. This way I know exactly which libraries I am linking to.
> creating a jar in eclipse is straight forward for spark_submit.
> Anyway  as you can see (below) I am pointing jupyter to find
> spark.init('opt/spark').
> That's OK everything is fine.
> With the compiled version of spark there is a jar directory which I have
> been using in eclipse.
> With my own compiled from source version there is no jar directory.
> Where are all the jars gone  ?.
> I am not sure how findspark.init('/opt/spark') is locating the libraries
> unless it is finding them from
> Anaconda.
> import findspark
> findspark.init('/opt/spark')
> from pyspark.sql import SparkSession
> spark = SparkSession \
>     .builder \
>     .appName('Titanic Data') \
>     .getOrCreate()

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