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From "Lavelle, Shawn" <>
Subject DataSource API v2 & Spark-SQL
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2020 12:27:18 GMT
Hello Spark community,
   I have a custom datasource in v1 API that I'm trying to port to v2 API, in Java.  Currently
I have a DataSource registered via catalog.createTable(name, <package>, schema, options
map).  When trying to do this in data source API v2, I get an error saying my class (package)
isn't a valid data source Can you help me out?

Spark versions are 3.0.0 w/scala 2.12, artifacts are Spark-core, spark-sql, spark-hive, spark-hive-thriftserver,

Here's what the dataSource definition:  public class LogTableSource implements  TableProvider,
 SupportsRead,  DataSourceRegister, Serializable

I'm guessing that I am missing one of the required interfaces. Note, I did try this with using
the LogTableSource below as "DefaultSource" but the behavior is the same.  Also, I keep reading
about a DataSourceV2 Marker Interface, but it seems deprecated?

Also, I tried to add DataSourceV2ScanRelation but that won't compile:
Output() in DataSourceV2ScanRelation cannot override Output() in QueryPlan return type Seq<AttributeReference>
is not compatible with Seq<Attribute>

  I'm fairly stumped - everything I've read online says there's a marker interface of some
kind and yet I can't find it in my package list.

  Looking forward to hearing from you,

~ Shawn

Shawn Lavelle

Software Development

4101 Arrowhead Drive
Medina, Minnesota 55340-9457
Phone: 763 551 0559

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