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From "Du, Yi" <>
Subject Ask about Pyspark ML interaction
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2020 13:53:13 GMT

How are you doing?

Please first introduce myself to you. I am Yi Du, working in a mortgage insurance company
called ‘Arch Capital Group’ based in Washington DC office in US. I find your profile under
the repo Spark of Github and would like to ask you one particular coding issue under Spark
ML. I tried to read the documentation of Spark and also asked in Stackoverflow but still have
no clue.

I am using Pyspark and using ML to build models. I have categorical variables as predictors
and would like to have interactions between two categorical variables in the model as well.

I was trying to follow the example here:
to create the interaction between two categorical variables.

Here is my snippet of code:

stringIndexer = StringIndexer(inputCols=['fico_group','ltv_group'], outputCols=['fico_groupIndex1','ltv_groupIndex1'],
trs_data_index =

interaction = Interaction(inputCols=['fico_groupIndex1','ltv_groupIndex1'], outputCol="interactedCol")
trs_data_interacted_temp = interaction.transform(trs_data_index)

encoder = OneHotEncoder(inputCols=['interactedCol'], outputCols=['interactedColVec'])
trs_data_interacted =

I basically index ‘fico_group’ and ‘ltv_group’ first and interact them together and
use onehotencoder to create the final column ‘interactedColVec’ for use.

However, the final results didn’t come as expected. My ‘fico_group’ has 5 levels and
so does ‘ltv_group’. So there are 5*5 = 25 combinations. But in the model estimates, one
level should be treated as base so I expected to see 25-1 = 24 interactions in the final estimates.
However, by using the above code, I have 25 interactions in the model estimates.

This is my post under Stackoverflow.

I don’t know if I articulated my question/issues clearly to you. But I do really appreciate
your help if possible or if you can direct me to the person who knows this.

Again, thank you very much for your help.



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