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From Bimal Chandra Naresh <>
Subject delta lake implementation issue in large data set
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2020 16:10:18 GMT
Hi All,

We have implemented delta lake in spark scala. It’s working fine for small data set.
We need to be updated appox 20M records on daily basis on delta lake using spark EMR jobs(5
node m5.2xlarge machine) . Jobs has been failed with memory error .

Error  Terminated with errors All slaves in the job flow were terminated


source code :

var source_location_distination_data_lake = “s3://test/deltalake”

DeltaTable.forPath(spark, source_location_distination_data_lake)
    " =")
    Map("action_name" -> "updates.action_name",
      "action_date" -> "updates.action_date"))
      "id" -> "",
      "package_name" -> "updates.package_name",
      "action_name" -> "updates.action_name",
      "action_date" -> "updates.action_date"

Please suggest for better optimized code in delta lake.

Bimal Naresh
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