Hi Mich, Thanks a lot for your response. I am basically trying to get some older code(streaming job to read from kafka) in 2.0.1 spark to work in 3.0,1. The specific area where I am having problem (KafkaCluster) has most likely to do with get/ set commit offsets in kafka

// Create message Dstream for each (topic, schema class)                              

    val msgStreams = config.getTopicSchemaClassMap.map {                                      

      case (kafkaTopic, schemaClass) => {                                                     

        val consumerOffsets = getConsumerOffsets(kafkaTopic)                                  

        val msgDStream = (KafkaUtils.createDirectStream[Array[Byte], Array[Byte], DefaultDecoder, DefaultDecoder,


          (ssc, kafkaParams, consumerOffsets,                                                 

          (msg: MessageAndMetadata[Array[Byte], Array[Byte]]) => (msg.key, msg.message)       


        (kafkaTopic, schemaClass, msgDStream)                                                 



The getConsumerOffsets  method  internally used KafkaCluter which is probably deprecated.

Do You think I need to mimic the code shown here to get/set offsets rather than use kafkaCluster?




On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 1:04 AM Mich Talebzadeh <mich.talebzadeh@gmail.com> wrote:


Are you trying to read topics from Kafka in spark 3.0.1?

Have you checked Spark 3.0.1 documentation?

Integrating Spark with Kafka is pretty straight forward. with 3.0.1 and higher


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On Sun, 6 Jun 2021 at 21:18, Kiran Biswal <biswalkiran@gmail.com> wrote:
I am using spark 3.0.1 AND Kafka 0.10 AND Scala 2.12. Getting an error related to KafkaCluster (not found: type KafkaCluster). Is this class deprecated? How do I find a replacement?

I am upgrading from spark 2.0.1 to spark 3.0.1

In spark 2.0.1 KafkaCluster was supported

just looking for ideas how to achieve same functionality in spark 3.0.1. Any thoughts and examples will be highly appreciated.