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From Pralabh Kumar <>
Subject Hive on Spark vs Spark on Hive(HiveContext)
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2021 09:51:17 GMT
Hi Dev

I am having thousands of legacy hive queries .  As a plan to move to Spark
, we are planning to migrate Hive queries on Spark .  Now there are two

   1.  One is Hive on Spark , which is similar to changing the execution
   engine in hive queries like TEZ.
   2. Another one is migrating hive queries to Hivecontext/sparksql , an
   approach used by Facebook and presented in Spark conference.,SQL%20with%20minimal%20user%20intervention

Can you please guide me which option to go for . I am personally inclined
to go for option 2 . It also allows the use of the latest spark .

Please help me on the same , as there are not much comparisons online
available keeping Spark 3.0 in perspective.

Pralabh Kumar

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