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From Nathanael Smith <>
Subject [SPOT-214] Automate Apache RAT for release/PR's
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2017 18:03:46 GMT
As part of the Apache release process it is a requirement to check licenses using Apache RAT.

It would be helpful to run this tool for every PR submitted and at the very least have scripts
for automation during the release process.

Before beginning work on this issue i’d like to ask for feedback on the 2 options below:

1. should we copy the RAT process from another project and customize as needed

[Hadoop process](

[Spark process](

just to name a few.

2. should we start from scratch and create our own script for this project

I think option 1 is ideal, However being new to the ASF i’d like to clarify the proper etiquette
for using other projects files as a starting point for features of our own project.
Of course this is fundamental to open source but I’m curious what the community thinks is
the right way to do this.

- Nathanael

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