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From Nathanael Smith <>
Subject Re: Kerberos support
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 20:08:47 GMT
assuming you are using the latest kaka-python version,
Have you tried using the below with the kafka producer/consumer?


- Nathanael

> On Sep 7, 2017, at 12:53 PM, Nathanael Smith <> wrote:
> Hi Vladimir,
> 1. Apache Spot does not support kerberos as of the current release (1.0).
> 2. My first test with python-kafka  using “SASL_PLAINTEXT” and “GSSAPI” is resulting
in no brokers found.
> I’m not able to say at this moment that this was completely a code issue not something
with infrastructure.
> That being said,
> ____
> Pro’s for librdkafka:
> Kerberos has been supported for quite some time 
> Used by several large projects including Confluent's own library
> Cons for librdkafka:
> requires more setup, This is not a show stopper by any means but should be considered
as it’s not a simple pip install.
> will require more development time
> ____
> I think if librdkafka can be implemented quickly and the usage of the KafkaTopic and
KafkaConsumer in spot-ingest/common/ remains the same it will add some stability.
> - Nathanael
>> On Sep 7, 2017, at 7:17 AM, Vladimir Shlyakhtin <>
>> Hello,
>> I'm just wondering if Apache Spot fully supports Kerberos. As far as I understand
not yet. (According to jira cases in "Spot Kerberos enablement" Epic).
>> Currently I'm working on installing Apache Spot on Kerberized environment. So was
created spot principal, granted access to hive, kafka and hdfs. Now I'm trying to run ingest
>> But in ingest's code I see only "kinit" call. For python-kafka it is not enough.
As it is required security_protocol and sasl_mechanism for creation KafkaConsumer.
>> I did such changes but still get exception "kafka.errors.NoBrokersAvailable: NoBrokersAvailable"
>> It is the same as was reported in:
>> Nathanael mentioned in SPOT-77 about librdkafka.
>> What do you think? Is it worth to switch to librdkafka or continue use python-kafka.
>> Thanks
>> Regards,
>> - Vladimir

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