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From Jeremy Nelson <>
Subject Re: [NOTICE] [Podlings] Git web site publishing to be done via .asf.yaml only as of July 1st
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2021 00:53:01 GMT

I would like to work on this, since I believe it is important for us
to stay in compliance with Apache's regulations.
Would anyone like to work with me on this?


On Mon, May 31, 2021 at 8:45 AM Daniel Gruno <> wrote:
> TL;DR: if your project web site is kept in subversion, disregard this
> email please. If your project web site is using git, and you have not
> deployed it via .asf.yaml, you MUST switch before July 1st or risk your
> web site goes stale.
> Dear Apache projects,
> In order to simplify our web site publishing services and improve
> self-serve for projects and stability of deployments, we will be turning
> off the old 'gitwcsub' method of publishing git web sites. As of this
> moment, this involves 120 web sites. All web sites should switch to our
> self-serve method of publishing via the .asf.yaml meta-file. We aim to
> turn off gitwcsub around July 1st.
> ## How to publish via .asf.yaml:
> Publishing via .asf.yaml is described at:
> You can also see an example .asf.yaml with publishing and staging
> profiles for our own infra web site at:
> In short, one puts a file called .asf.yaml into the branch that needs to
> be published as the project's web site, with the following two-line
> content, in this case assuming the published branch is 'asf-site':
> publish:
>    whoami: asf-site
> It is important to note that the .asf.yaml file MUST be present at the
> root of the file system in the branch you wish to publish. The 'whoami'
> parameter acts as a guard, ensure that only the intended branch is used
> for publishing.
> ## Is my project affected by this?
> The quickest way to check if you need to switch to a .asf.yaml approach
> is to check out site source page at
> - if your site is listed
> in yellow, you will need to switch. This page will also tell you which
> branch you are currently publishing as your web site. This is (should
> be) the branch that you must add a .asf.yaml meta file to.
> The web site source list updates every hour. If your project site
> appears in green, you are already using .asf.yaml for publishing and do
> not need to make any changes.
> ## What happens if we miss the deadline?
> If you miss the deadline, don't fret. Your site will of course still
> remain online as is, but new updates will not appear till you
> create/edit the .asf.yaml and set up publishing.
> ## Who do we contact if we have questions?
> Please contact us at if you have any additional
> questions.
> With regards,
> Daniel on behalf of ASF Infra.

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