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From Jane Wayne <jane.wayne2...@gmail.com>
Subject question about Sqoop.run(String[] args, Configuration conf) exiting after hadoop job is created
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2013 21:19:55 GMT
hi, i am using Sqoop v1.4.4 for hadoop 0.20. i have a question about the
following method.

Sqoop.run(String[] args, Configuration conf)

how can i call this method to "exit" immediately after a hadoop job has
been created? for now, after i call this method, the whole import has to
actually finish before any code following it will be called. for example,
my code looks like the following.

1. Configuraiton conf = MyMapReduceUtil.getConf();
2. String[] args = { "import", "--connect", jdbcUrl, "--username",
username, "--password", pw, "--table", table, "--target-dir", hdfsOutputDir
3. Sqoop.runTool(args, conf);
4. System.out.println("finished calling sqoop");

in the code above, i notice that line #4 is not called until the MapReduce
import job created by Sqoop is completely finished. is this how Sqoop is
supposed to work?

any help is appreciated.

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