Hi Everyone !

I have a problem while importing data from MySQL to Hive as Parquet using Sqoop… (I had no problem with text files)

This query :

	sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://xx.xx.xx.xx/database --username sqoop --password sqoop --table datatable --target-dir /home/cloudera/user/hive/warehouse/database.db/datatable --as-parquetfile -m 1 --append

Return this error :

	15/01/14 16:27:28 WARN util.AppendUtils: Cannot append files to target dir; no such directory: _sqoop/14162350000000781_32315_servername.ip-xx-xx-xx.eu_datatable

Files are located in /user/root/_sqoop/ this way : /user/root/_sqoop/14162350000000781_32315_servername/ip-xx-xx-xx/eu_datatable/

Is it normal that dots from the hostname are replaced by slashes ? It seems to be the problem but noone is complaining about this problem...

Or there is an other way to append data to a parquet file ?

PS : I’m using CDH5.3 which has Sqoop 1.4.5 built in.

Thank you !