I beg your pardon, but I guess in this situation we're misunderstanding each other ( using different terms / concepts  / etc. ) 

When you're exporting anything with HCatalog, you're leveraging from the Hive infrastructure, api, metastore, etc. b/c you're using the Hive capabilities to read /parse/use the ORC files ( ORC backed tables). 

Without this right now ( at least according to my current knowledge), Sqoop is not able to natively work with orc files stored on HDFS, thus you'll need the Hive capabilities ( thus Hive metastore as well) 

My 2cents,

On Dec 5, 2017 1:41 PM, "qq" <987626311@qq.com> wrote:
Sqoop export supports ORC. I tested it. First, I need to add a parameter: hcatalog. and then start remote access Hive Metastore. It needs to start Hive Metastore, but now I want to export ORC data without starting Hive Metastore. Who knows how to do it?

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AFAIK Sqoop right now sadly does not support the ORC format ( it's on my personal road map, but not among the highest priorities, so maybe arrives in a year if it will be up to me) 


It's possible some vendors do have custom solution for it. 

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     I met the following problems when I exported the ORC format data in sqoop, and I hope to get help from everyone!
     When using sqoop to export the data from hive to the Oracle table, how can sqoop export the ORC format data without starting Hive Metastore?
     I'm looking forward to your reply!