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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Use of Javascript [was] Re: AJAX: Whoa, Nellie!
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 14:41:56 GMT
Jesse Alexander (KBSA 21) wrote the following on 4/19/2005 5:30 AM:

> I also think that a well-designed web-UI does not need JS at all...

Sorry to jump on the train late, but the above is completely BS. If you 
want to use standard HTML, then there will be some things you will HAVE 
to do with Javascript or else without its use, just the opposite would 
be true, you'd have a totally CRAPPY-designed UI.

I'll give you an example. In quick summary, this application has to have 
the user select various checkboxes in a tree-list structure and as they 
select various checkboxes different lines need to change color (turn to 
gray for example to show that inheritance is implied). Not only that, 
but based on whether a certain checkbox is selected in a row a date div 
box needs to become enabled and visible. The bottom line is if you do 
not use javascript you'd have to go to the server for everything 
creating a completely unsatisfactory user experience. The users should 
be able to click all over the place without having to wait for the 
server to respond each time. Even if you wanted to go to the server for 
every single possible checkbox click, how could you even do that without 
some javascript? Tell me how you can design a good UI that does not 
involve javascript for this application (other than saying use Flash or 
some other font end presentation). Bottom line is any somewhat complex 
UI for a company will have to involve the use of some javascript.

If you disgree than I'll send screen shots of various internal 
applications I have to code and you tell me how you can get around not 
using Javascript?  I could just look around on the web and give examples 
where you'd need javascript. Think of cases where on a form you select 
one option from a drop down and the other list needs to change. Even if 
you go to the server to repopulate the other list (which I like to do), 
it still requires and onChange event on the initial drop down list to 
fire off the submit.  How do you do this without javascript? - create a 
walk-through UI design? That would be completely unacceptable under a 
lot of circumstances.


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