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From "McGregor, Chuckles" <>
Subject Re: migrating 2.3.17 to 2.5.8 s:url works differently
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2017 17:17:23 GMT
My mistake it is 2.3.30.

On 1/17/17, 11:44 PM, "Lukasz Lenart" <> wrote:

    Struts 2.3.17? There was no such release, you are using unstable test
    build which could have bugs (that's why it wasn't promoted to be an
    official release, a GA)
    2017-01-18 0:45 GMT+01:00 McGregor, Chuckles <>:
    > In our current 2.3.17 app we have working in  s:urls in the form of <s:url var="remoteurl"
action="jsonGenericGrid?gridType=ANL" />
    > But generate the message is no Action mapped for namespace [/anl] and action name
[sonGenericGrid] associated  where the  jsp is anl/grid.jsp with version 2.5.8
    > I worked around the issue by changing the url to <s:url var="remoteurl" action="jsonGenericGrid?gridType=ANL"
namespace="/" />
    > Is this a bug or the way things work in 2.5.8?
    Not sure if I get it right - you have a <s:url/> inside a <s:form/>
    where the form is defined in a namespace "/anl", right? If so, the
    <s:url/> will inherit the namespace from parent or will use the
    current namespace if not specified - that's how it works all the time.
    Here is a similar issue but in Portlet environment
    Just one remark - the DOJO Plugin is deprecated and it isn't available
    in 2.5.x branch, I hope you don't dependent on it.
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