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From Pacco <>
Subject Re: SCM, Content-Management and cherry-picking in big project
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 19:48:36 GMT
Hi Ben,

thank you for your response. After one additional day of thinking about 
this issue I am near to a concluĊ›ion that I'm on the wrong way fixing 
problems of the work-flow process by abusing the VCS.

The problem is that I'm heavily tighten by political issues and 
decissions that makes it nearly impossible to achieve a very good or 
even good way of processing.
If you get the order to buy some food, but the only thing you get is a 
hammer it is a little bit complicated not to come on bad ideas ;-)

So, I will have to think how I could manage Subversion and Jiira in a 
way I could achieve the releases of my package.

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