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From Lorenz <>
Subject Re: Wanted: pre-commit hook to prevent commits to externals definition
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 05:51:46 GMT
Daniel Becroft wrote:
>Lorenz wrote:
>> David Aldrich wrote:
>>>Please can anyone point me to an example of a svn pre-commit hook that prevents
>>>to files that are members of an externals definition?
>>>We want to allow such files to be committed only from within the external directory,
i.e. where
>>>they originate from.
>> As long as the externals are pointing to the same repository it should
>> be possible to examine the transaction and determine if any of the
>> changed paths is related to an external definition (external
>> properties can be extracted from the transaction too).
>Really? From my testing, it seemed that SVN doesn't descend into
>externals during a commit, regardless of whether the external points
>to the same or a different repository.
>Have you seen different behaviour?

yes and no 8-)

The command line client does not decend into externals, but you can
list the external folders additionally to get an atomic commit,

and I'm using TSVN as my main client, which lists externals from the
same repository in the commit dialog, selected for commit by default.


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