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From "Bruce A. Mah" <>
Subject Re: Vague error with subversion + apache22 + freebsd
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2010 20:36:35 GMT
If memory serves me right, Michael Zatopek wrote:
> I've done my best to verify that there are no network related issues.  
> Does anybody else have the most recent subversion + apache22 +  
> Freebsd 8.0 running? I kinda feel like there's some sort of version  
> incompatibility happening.
> Is there any way to get more detailed error logs out of subversion or  
> apache in this case? I've got apache's logging turned up all the way  
> and it only gives the 4 vague messages from my original description.
> At what point should I move this over onto the dev mailing list?

Hi Michael--

I don't have any FreeBSD 8.0 Subversion servers (though I can report
excellent experiences with FreeBSD 6.4 and 7.3 as servers), however...

At what point did you build and install these ports?  There was a little
bit of shuffling around about two weeks back when the various FreeBSD
ports that use APR (Apache HTTPD and Subversion are two of these) were
all converted to use APR from the ports tree, rather then potentially
using bundled versions.  I vaguely recall this taking a little time to
get sorted out, but if you built ports in the middle of this it might
have gotten things in an odd state.  Note that there is no particular
evidence pointing in this direction, but it just came to mind.  If this
is true, maybe try updating everything with portupgrade, portmaster, or
some other similar tool (remember to check UPDATING first)?

Not sure how applicable this would be, but does svn+ssh:// access work?


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