On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 12:12 AM, David Aldrich <David.Aldrich@eu.nec.com> wrote:

Please can anyone point me to an example of a svn pre-commit hook that prevents commits to files that are members of an externals definition?

We want to allow such files to be committed only from within the external directory, i.e. where they originate from.

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I don't have an example of such a script. *But*, I'm not sure if even such a script could be possible. My understanding of committing w/ externals, is that the modifications to the externals are committed separately (or even excluded) from the main commit. This would certainly be the case for externals pointing to a separate repository, and may be the case .

I just did a quick test (with both intra- and inter-repository external definitions), and SVN does not seem to descend into the externals for a commit. The externals directory has to be explicitly committed, which makes it no different from a normal working copy.