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From Arpad Ilia <>
Subject Re: Reconstruct repository from checkouts?
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2010 07:18:19 GMT
> Hello!
> I'm curious: Is it somehow possible, to "reconstruct" a Subversion
> repository, if all you have is a checked out directory? I mean, does
> such a check out hold enough information reg. who did what and
> when in the past? Does it also hold information about what (ie. diffs)
> has changed?

I think a working copy only stores the HEAD revision locally (so it can tell the changes that
needs to be commited), so I don't think you can recreate a repository from a working copy.
You may be able to import it to a new repository but it would not contain the history (it
would be at revision 1).
As far as I know only distributed version control systems store the whole repository history

Arpad Ilia

> Best regards,
> Alexander
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