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From Campbell Allan <>
Subject Re: What's the current status for subversion replication?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 09:44:36 GMT

On Wednesday 11 Aug 2010, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Aug 11, 2010, at 02:46, Steven Woody wrote:
> > What's the current status for subversion servers replication?  Does it
> > allow read/write on both master and slaver sides? Is it stable enough
> > to put in real life use?  I plan to do it for supporting concurrent
> > development in different GEO locations, what is the right manual I
> > should go to read, is it the "SVN Book"?
> The software the Subversion project provides for this task is called
> svnsync. All writes occur on the master; the slaves are read-only. But you
> can set up a write-through proxy so that people who check out from a slave
> and try to commit will be transparently redirected to the master.

This is pretty easy to set up too, the documentation is very clear about this. 
I've not looked at it the last few months but I did come across a couple of 
issues. One is easily worked around, the other not so easy but will not 
affect everyone.

Svnsync does not automatically pick up on changes to revision properties so 
the post-revprop-change hook of the master needs to deal with this explicitly 
with the copy-revprops option.

Svnsync doesn't really understand locking so the two repositories aren't 
always in sync. This will not be a problem for many I suspect but does affect 
the repositories I maintain unfortunately. I've read about several solutions, 
usually involving some kind of third party script but my investigations 
haven't gone much further. 


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