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From Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Subject Re: Update deleted local changes after rollback
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 15:13:48 GMT
On Thursday 12 August 2010, erlend olsen wrote:
> repository has these files:
> xyz
> A: commits changes to all the files and adds 2 new files
> repository now has these files:
> pqxyz
> B: Sees that these changes f**ks up the whole program and he rollbacks to
> only x,y,z

I guess he reverse-merge the according revision or manually reverted the 
changes. It shouldn't matter.

> A: keeps his changes locally and keeps changing them until they 
> work...

Both A and B should have first talked with each other. A would then have 
created a branch probably.

> B: commits new code. 
> A: is happy because now everything works on his local copy. Then he pushes
> 'update' in netbeans before he commits..... SVN: now deletes all of A's 
> changes and new files..

I don't think so, as SVN tries very hard to preserve any user changes. If a 
file was deleted in the repository, SVN won't delete a local copy of a file 
if that contains modifications. If a file was modified, and those changes 
conflict with local changes, SVN will notify the user of this and attempt at 
resolving the conflict, but it first moves all three versions to separate 

> A: screams in terror and tries to get back his files... but not a chance...
> He can get the changes he committed before the rollback, but the real big
> changes are now deleted....

As I mentioned, SVN preserves those changes unless explicitly asked to throw 
them away (some "--force" options on the commandline). I don't know what 
netbeans' update button does. Also, if there are conflicts (I'm sure SVN 
would have complained), you can always choose "resolve using theirs", which 
implies that your own changes are discarded. If your colleague chose that, 
it's a user error.

> Its about 1 week of programming down the toilet...

Going one week without proper version control, without being able to backstep 
any changes, without the benefits of a centralised backup system, without 
updating the own WCs to see if changes conflict? Don't do that.

Note that if you had created a branch, you could have done these extensive 
changes in separation but still with version control etc, you should learn 
that. However, it still remains to find out what steps exactly lead to this 
data loss.




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